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About Evo6

The EVO6 Patch Cord is a revolutionary new patented patch cord with a very unique feature that locates either end of the patch cord saving you countless hours and costly mistakes.

The EVO6 Patch Cord comes equipped with a Trace Button and an LED in each of its plugs. One press of either Trace Button starts the LEDs in both ends flashing, making swift and easy identification of the cable possible.

The duration of this traceability is variable: Press and release the Trace Button for 20 seconds of flashing. Press and hold the Trace Button for 40 seconds of flashing and press the button again to instantly turn off the LEDs.

It does not require a seperate power source. Everything is built right into the cable. EVO6 patch cord technology eliminates hand tracing. Network downtime can be dramatically reduced by rapid resolution of wiring mistakes in high density wire closets. Self-tracing cabling makes the general management of Category 6 structured cabling simpler and more efficient. Continuing advancements in our traceable termination technology provide the tools you need to maintain the highest level of network availability.